What It Takes To Develop A Travel Portal? What Are The Most Important Things To Take Care?

Developing a good travel portal does not have to be a tough task as it is presumed to be. A well-planned approach can make the task easy for you.

Make it a step by step activity so that your travel portal is well organized.

Naming Your Domain:

Travel portal development starts with naming your travel domain, which is the exhilarating part. It is so like naming a baby! You would feel this once you start writing down names for your travel portal. Mostly travel portals have a catchy name that is related to travel domain. So, give a name that is a keyword to the travelers and make it relevant to the travel industry, so that travelers remember your portal and come back.

Adding words like travel, trip, booking etc to your domain name can help a lot. Also confirm that you are the only agency with that name, since using similar name as any other travel portal would create confusion to travelers.

Well design your travel portal: Most of the readers are scanners! The look and feel of a website is really important that it can convert the viewers to travelers! Having a great looking travel portal with technology to support it can assure good profit to your travel agency. Make the design pleasing to the eyes of the travelers.

Try to add good visuals to the website. For instance, for a trip to London, add fascinating pictures of big Ben, London eye, clock tower, Diana memorial or Madame Tussauds which might kindle travelers’ interest.

Find & connect with suppliers: Connecting with the suppliers is the fore most important task to concentrate while developing a travel portal.

Travel technology has grown tremendously and for any traveler, booking an enchanting trip to Disney land from any part of the globe is easy enough, but behind the screens, as a travel agency, how do you make it possible if you don’t have a good network of suppliers? Impossible isn’t it?

So connect with as many suppliers as possible to provide the competitive pricing information to your customers which will help them decide the better travel package that suits their needs.

Be up-to-date:

Provide all possible travel information to your customers like maps, travel news, trip advices, travel guides and weather news to ensure that you give exclusive booking experience to them. See to that you integrate your travel portal with internet booking engine so that your customers can book tickets online. Also, your customers get the comfort of booking tickets from their home.

Bring traffic to your portal:

There are countless travel portals across the globe that can provide similar services to the travelers. So, how are you going to make yourself distinct and grab traveler’s attention to your website?

Optimizing your site for search engines is the best choice. Writing keywords & information rich content to your portal can assure you good traffic. There are numerous ways to position your portal in a higher rank with any search engine.

That’s a big topic that you should learn and keep practicing, since SEO should always be an ongoing process. Research it or rather hire a vendor for you!

Finally, it is social networking:

Make your online presence more effective by building links and connecting to all prominent social networking websites. It can work wonders for you. You will get more traffic to your travel portal through link building and more is the possibility that people book tickets through your site!

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