Luxury Shopping In Paris

Many of the world’s most popular and well-loved designers are of French heritage. Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior are just a few names who have made their mark in the high-end fashion arena. They are loved for their designs and their expertise in making clothes that look good in any season. By nature, the French are artistic and stylish; and this is often seen through the French manner of simple, yet elegant dressing. One way to show your love for French creativity may be done by shopping in Paris for authentic French clothing.

When in Paris, you can find high-end luxury boutiques owned by Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior along the Les Halles and Champs-Elysees district. Staying in a Paris apartment in this area could even mean you are living among Paris’ most fashionable people. Those who love luxury shopping in Paris tend to stay in these arrondissements since they are closer to Paris’ most fashionable boutiques.

Another district that houses high end Paris apartments and boutiques is the 16th district, which is also home to the renowned Foch avenue. While this part of town is mostly residential and exclusive, you can also find a few malls and galleries in this area.

Luxury shopping in Paris can get expensive, but if you consider yourself someone who puts more weight in quality than in quantity, it may actually be considered a great investment. French designers simply know how to make high-quality clothes for men and women without compromising the quality and have held onto this philosophy for years.

The wonderful thing is that the best shopping in Paris is not limited to a certain time of year. Paris is beautiful all year round, but if you want to experience the most from Paris, it would be a good idea to carefully schedule your trip to Paris at a time when there are lesser crowds in galleries and museums and when there are more activities to immerse yourself in. Without a doubt, you would enjoy your vacation rental in Paris more if there were not a lot of people flooding the streets or if you could go on a shopping spree without having to worry about long lines.

If shopping in Paris is your main purpose for visiting, it would be a smart idea to visit during the summer, when native Parisians are out of the city to spend their vacation elsewhere or during winter, when Paris is calm and solemn. Not only will you avail of better shopping deals on these months, you can basically get a discount on anything: you can even save more money on your Paris apartment rental when you travel during the low season.

One of the best shopping seasons are also held in the middle of summer and at the end of winter. Those familiar with Paris’ shopping environment can attest that the yearly Soldes, or sales, are the best days to find high quality merchandise at extremely bargain prices. Designer clothes and haute couture items are often sold at a discount during the Winter and Summer Soldes (sales) while more flea markets set up shop in the heart of the city in celebration of the Winter Holidays.

The experiences that come when shopping in Paris is also one of the many reasons why tourists consider the French city as the fashion and shopping capital of the world.

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