A Volkswagen Camper Van Hire Holiday

Camper Vans have become very popular in recent years. Even though the original Volkswagen camper vans have never lost any appeal, it seems they really are at their most popular now.

The retro styling is a hit with the younger crowd. Couple that with people that may have had one of these iconic vans in the 60’s and you can see how appeal of the Volkswagen camper van spans many generations. Camper vans and mobile homes in general are on the increase and even less iconic brands are creating new models to entice younger people.

There are companies now that provide Volkswagen camper van hire allowing you to drive and enjoy the freedom of a camper van without the need to go to the expense of buying one yourself. These iconic vans do not come cheap. They can be a labour of love to restore and maintain and expert knowledge of these vans is key. Having the time to restore, the room to store and the time to use it in order to make the expense pay is all too often in short supply.

Cornwall and Devon are popular camper van areas where you’ll see rows parked up near the beach complete with surf board attached. The Lake District National Park however has an increasing popularity for mobile home owners and for hiring out Volkswagen camper vans. The Lake District has some of the best driving roads in the United Kingdom often at least two are in the top ten from the likes of Top Gear and The AA. Not all roads are suitable for camper vans but when hiring, a map and keys roads to avoid as well as roads that are a must drive will come as part of the camper van hire UK package. Must drive roads are in the form of Hartside Pass which The AA and Top Gear list in their top 10 driving roads in England as well as the Kirkstone Pass, the A591 which passes through Ambleside, Grasmere and onto Keswick and the Hardnott and Wrynose passes. Each provide magnificent views of the Lake District and Cumbria.

When taking out VW camper van hire you get the peace of mind that in the event of a problem or breakdown that full support is at hand by the hire company. They have the expert knowledge of the van, will get you back on the road as soon as possible or in the event of a bigger problem, can give you a replacement van minimising any disruption to the well earned holiday.

Other services often offered by the VW camper van hire company include child seats, canoes that can attach onto the vans roof rack, awnings and even sleeping bags and tents. Really all you could possibly need when on a Volkswagen camper van hire holiday.

Camper vans give you:
The opportunity to visit and experience numerous locations in one trip.
They give you the freedom to stop off when and where you like and for what duration.
No need to worry about there not being a hotel or guest house available in the area.
You are protected from the elements unlike camping.

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