Immigration To India Guide

There are certain rules and regulations that a foreign national has to maintain if willing to enter India. Here’s a small guide to help foreigners�

The first and foremost rule is the collection of India Visa in one’s name. Apart from this you will need a passport, identification documents, etc. But India Visa is the pre requisite. There is absolutely no provision for Visa on Arrival. Temporary Landing facilities are also handed over in extreme emergencies like death in the family. The onwards tickets in such situation has to be booked in a maximum of 72 hrs. So it is a good idea to plan well ahead of your trip and get hold of your India Visa in time.

There are different types of India Visa that people can utilize as per their purpose. For instance a tourist who wants to discover the beauty of India as a place of great variety and beauty can get an India Tourist Visa that is valid for six months. Again a business man who will need to have a series of visit to India to close a deal can get an India Business Visa which has validity period ranging from 6 months to one year and allows multiple entry. India’s education system is very much valued and many are enthusiastic about the art and culture, song and dance forms as a student too. So for a student who is visiting India to study a course can get an India Student Visa which is valid up to 5 years. There are other forms of India Visa too.

Once you reach India, and have a proper suitable India Visa with you then there are no reasons of being hounded by immigration formalities. All the major airports of India and several Foreigners’ Registration offices work in India’s seven main cities under the Bureau of Immigration, which handles all the immigration services. Apart from the seven maincities, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Amritsar and Hyderabad, the other states have the District Police Superintendents who also maintain immigration offices.

Another useful tip about your India immigration would be the fact that if you happen to have a valid India visa with you during your trip, immigration facilities availed at Airports won’t charge you anything. But in case the Temporary Landing Facility is granted as under situations explained before then a fee of about US $40 will be charged. This special facility is not available to nationals belonging to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Algeria.

Always remember that you are a legal immigrant to India only till the time your India Visa is valid, after which you may face charges and fines India Visa’s validity is counted from the day it is issued not the date of entry. Also the maximum duration per visit and the validity are not the same thing. The maximum number of days you can spend in India is dependent on your citizenship so don’t forget to check on that too.

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