Anguilla Villas On An Island Of Tranquility

Anguilla is a small, intimate island in the northeastern Caribbean. Many of the people who own property on the island do not live there permanently. They make their houses available for rent many months of the year. As a result, many tourists that visit the island often stay in rented Anguilla villas rather than a hotel.

It is a quiet and restful retreat with virtually no industrial development, little commercial activity and a population of less than 7,000 people. It bills itself, quite accurately, as Tranquility Wrapped in Blue. The locals say that people go to St Barts to be seen and Anguilla to disappear. Diplomatically, the island is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom and enjoys politic stability.

The island is serviced by the Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport, a government operated enterprise situated at the geographic centre of the island near The Valley, the capital of the island. Most people arrive by plane. However, some visitors arrive by yacht. The island is only 150 nautical miles away from east end of Puerto Rico and 100 nautical miles from the British Virgin Islands (Saint Thomas, Saint John, Tortola and so on).

There are no marinas but there are several safe anchorages. On the south coast, Blowing Point with its sleepy village at the head of the bay is a popular anchorage. So too is Little Harbor and Forest Bay further east along the coast. On the north side of the island, perhaps the two most popular spots are Island Harbour and Sandy Ground.

The island is only 5 nautical miles north of Saint Martin. These two islands are linked by a ferry service. On Anguilla, the ferry stops at the Blowing Point jetty. The ferry crosses the channel and docks at Marigot on Saint Martin.

The island is tiny with a total area of only about 90 square kilometers (35 square miles). Its length is generally oriented northeast-to-southwest over a distance of about 25 kilometers (16 miles). At its widest point, the island measures a distance of about 5.5 kilometers (less than 3.5 miles). It is impossible to get lost on the island.

The picturesque coastline is marked by a series of beautiful bays and 33 inviting beaches, perfect for swimming and exploring. Walking and bicycling are popular options for getting around. Some of the smaller coves make perfect day trip destinations. These include Blackgarden Bay, Limestone Bay and Little Bay. Little Bay is a designated marine park and anchoring in its waters is strictly forbidden.

The south coast is punctuated by the broad sweep of Rendezvous Bay. Further west are the smaller Cove Bay and Maundays Bay, both sensuously curved with heavenly white sandy beaches. Cove Bay is home to a small fleet of charter vessels moored in its comfortable waters.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quiet restful destination for a vacation in the Caribbean, consider Anguilla. Although the island has good selection of hotels, many visitors find Anguilla villas provide good value in terms of the space, flexibility and privacy they offer across a comprehensive range of price points from the budget to ultra-luxurious.


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