Gay Travel In Spain Can Be A Culinary Delight

If you do not try out some places where you can savour some local delights, you tend to miss out on the very essence of a vacation. We have a selection of the best food destinations for you. The places are as much about savouring food, as they are about a quiet romantic getaway. There can be a lot of such places, but what’s better than a serene Spanish food adventure. One might ask why Spain, when there are other destinations all around. Well if you want the aphrodisiac in your blood stream, you have to come to this country and have the food here. Sensuousness oozes out of its preparations.

At the heart of Spain is where you can start your vacation, Madrid. The city is not gay friendly as a whole, but the gay community has carved out its niche in the city. The place is called Chueca. Chueca is packed with shops, gay restaurants, gay bars, gay pubs and gay clubs. Following the trend of any hip city stopover, the otherwise gay bars and gay clubs attract the non-gay crowd as well. The place has many gay hotels in and around Chueca, so there is no problem of a stay in Madrid. You can find gay hotels of all prices here. People display the Gay Pride flag all around Chueca as a sign of acceptance.

Some of the best places to get a taste of your culinary delights are in this area. To start with we have, Arce which is run by a charismatic chef named Iaki Camba. Its not unusual for him to approach his customers with a grim expression and ask absurd question like �Are you hungry?�, before serving them their favorite meal prepared by his very own hands! He specializes in his own versions of traditional Basque recipes using fresh fish and wild game. He has put his own stamp on the decor of this small and cosy restaurant, as well. Then another joint, which is well frequented, is Carmencita. A long-established eatery that has been in business since 1850, Carmencita began with serving typical Madrid specialties, but today it is more of a bistro producing homemade Basque cuisine.

Once you have had enough of the capital, you should move down south. The beauty about Spain is its diversity. Malaga can seem at first to be an uninviting town, but that’s not really true. The gay area is called Plaza de la Merced. This square represents the cradle of liberties, and an obelisk in the center here is devoted to the recollection of general Torrijos who was a free spirit and was executed at this place on La Termica beach, for defending civil rights. This is also where Picasso was born, and they say that he loved playing with the pigeons here. To come to Mlaga and not eat fresh anchovies is a mortal sin.

Once in Spain you can never stop; other wonderful places to go are, Seville, Valencia and Mallorca. Spain can never be enough for the romantic traveler.

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