Visiting Majorca (mallorca) And Murcia In Spain

To make the most out of your trip to Spain, you may wish to consider hiring a car for sight seeing purposes. Spain is a huge country, with many beautiful cities. This article will share a couple of great cities to visit in Spain – Majorca and Murcia. You shall see for yourself why it’s a great idea to consider hiring a car.


Majorca offers a fun and relaxing environment that is very different from the busy city life that most tourists are used to. For starters, Majorca has sandy and beautiful beaches with good weather all year round. This means that those who want to escape the cold winter weather could consider making a trip to Majorca. Of course, with sandy beaches, you can also expect to find water sports such as snorkeling, skiing, boating, and more.

There is no lack of accommodation options in the city as well. You can choose from holiday resorts, luxury hotels, or budget inns. Luxury hotels offer the best services and facilities. But if budget is a concern, an affordable stay in one of the inns will be good enough. Although not as luxurious, these inns provide clean beds and basic facilities such as wireless Internet.

Perhaps the most attractive characteristic about Majorca is that there are abundant natural destinations in the city. Besides beaches, you can also visit caves, play golf, or talk a walk in a fruit tree plantation. For sure, such activities will help relieve a lot of stress and tension that most city dwellers face in their day to day lives.


Murcia is another great place to visit. It is one of the least know regions in Spain. Even locals find the region remote. However, Murcia is quickly opening up for tourists. Being relatively unknown, it has rich heritage that is largely undisturbed by the outside world. You can expect to find ancient but magnificent looking cathedrals, churches and convents. You can also visit various museums such as the Cathedral museum, the City museum, the Science museum, and others.

If you get hungry from all that visiting, you can always find fresh seafood available in the city. The most popular food available in the region is meat pies. Rumor has it that their deer pies taste best. To buy some beer to go with the meat pies, you can always visit a bar or a tavern. Bars and taverns are sprinkled in various streets and corners. So they are not difficult to locate.

Similar to Majorca, there are also no lack of accommodation facilities.

In both cities, transport can be a problem. If you want to see more and learn more about these cities, perhaps the best option is to hire a car. A car allows you to travel deep into various parts of the cities for exploration purposes. It is the most convenient form of transport, and you can travel in the day or at night.

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