Pony Trekking In Spain – The Equine Lover’s Vacation

Pony trekking has gained immense popularity in Spain in recent years. Few better ways exist to combine balmy weather, gorgeous scenery and horseback riding into one vacation. Pony trekking holidays draw equine fans from all over the world to sunny Spain. One travel publication lists Spain as one of the top 10 destinations for pony trekking holidays.

Spain is already renowned the world over for its climate and geography. Spain’s biggest tourism draw is its nearly year-round sunshine, particularly on the coasts. Falling a close second on the tourist-favorites list is Spain’s vast terrain and stunning natural resources. Tourists are urged not to spend too much time in a car while holidaying in Spain. This spectacular country is best seen up close and personal. Horseback riding makes the A-list when it comes to ways to do just that.

Spain has been acclaimed as one of the best locations for pony trekking holidays in the world. This fact makes Andalucia, Spain the best of the best. Foreign tourists and travel journalists have acclaimed it as the premier location for pony trekking holidays in Spain. Situated at the southern tip of mainland Spain, it covers an area of over 87,000 square kilometers. Andalucia’s coastline, which measures over 800 kilometers long, is perfect for idyllic rides along the beach. Riders can also take in Andalucia’s mix of ancient and modern architecture and pastoral countrysides.

When you look at a map of Spain Andalucia’s Sierra Nevada mountain region is another ideal pony trekking holiday location. Known for its pristine winter skiing, the mountains are a haven for riders during the spring and summer months. Riders find breathtaking views stretching from sea to sky in this popular area.

Pony trekking holidays are not just for the experienced rider. Horseback riding is an ideal way for family members of all ages to get close to nature in Spain. Tourists who lack riding experience can usually find competent instruction from professional riders. Treks are accompanied by experienced guides who know both the trails and the horses. Guides offer support to riders plus firsthand intimate knowledge of the trails and their inhabitants.

Hundreds of pony trekking holiday companies have sprung up in recent years all over Spain. Many of Spain’s popular tourist resorts also offer a pony trekking option as part of their tourism packages. Visitors can often choose from a variety of trails and lengths of trips. A typical trail ride usually lasts five days to one week.

The hard-core rider may want to choose a pony trekking holiday that includes remote trails and camping under the stars at night. Other tour packages lead riders on less remote trails, often between small villages. Participants typically bed down in hotels for the nights on these gentler treks. Tourists who aren’t confident in their equestrian skills may prefer to start with a day trip. Day trips are almost always available as an option to week-long rides. Day trips are often the perfect solution for families with small children who love horses but not long trips.

Few experiences match the feeling of pounding hooves splashing through waves on a white sand beach. Exhilarating and refreshing, a pony trekking holiday is a superb way to explore the vastness of Spain’s outdoors. Tourists of all ages typically recount their Spanish pony trekking holiday as one of life’s most memorable.

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