Travel Traditions Refuse To Die

Travel industry news from holiday companies in the UK confirms that Spain should be the number one destination for holidays in 2008, despite the Pound falling against the Euro, and prices typically some fifteen per cent more expensive than last year.

A survey found that once in Spain, if the holiday is based in a resort, three quarters of British tourists stay in the resort for the duration, apart from getting to and from the airport. It would appear that the majority of British tourists aren\’t interested in finding out about where they are staying, and perhaps Spain is more popular than countries like Greece simply because the flight is shorter.

And while the internet has taken the travel world by storm, the package holiday, which started en masse in the 1960\’s, is still very much alive and kicking.

A package holiday is when both flights and accommodation are booked with the same company, and often the flight and hotel aren\’t owned by the travel company handling the booking.

Part of this can be put put down to the fact that the successful chains of travel agents in the 1960\’s onwards who would have a shop on every town\’s high street in the UK have also successfully mirrored their success on-line.

\’A holiday is a major expense for most families\’, comments one British company with travel sites for Majorca and Menorca, \’and people grew up with travel companies who could be trusted – and those companies have used their brand awareness to great effect on-line, with the result that given a choice many people will book their holidays to places like Menorca and Majorca with the same company they have always used – but instead of doing it in a shop they are doing it on a computer in their office or at home.\’

In today\’s world where the interests of the environment is being promoted by governments as being paramount, the switch from shop based holiday companies to the internet is a plus for the travel market.

Just ten years ago the majority of people looking to book a summer holiday would visit one or two bricks and mortar based travel shops, and come away with three or four printed brochures from each. The volume of paper saved by the internet from the hotels and holidays industry alone must by now be very significant.

One island popular both ten years ago and today for European holidaymakers is Menorca, especially for family holidays.

Menorca is the second largest of Spain\’s three Balearic Islands. This island is in the Mediterranean, between Spain and the North African coast. The other two islands are Majorca and Ibiza.

Daytime summer temperatures hover around 27C in the summer months. Lovely peaceful days are on the menu on this island, a pace that differs from the party atmosphere of Majorca.

The beach area in the holiday resort of Santo Thomas for example offers popular busier stretches and quaint hideaways. At 3 km long, it\’s never overcrowded and offers protection with its surrounding sand dunes. The beach, patrolled for safety, is long and narrow. It offers an excellent swimming habitat, fine sand and warm surf. Scenic countryside and woods provide a backdrop to the sand and the Mediterranean waters.

As long as Menorca remains popular, people who have booked package holidays in the past will probably continue with the habit, and package holidays will remain a feature of the travel industry in 2009 and beyond.

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